When Don Walked Out

In East Hampton we did a lot of things, as you can imagine. But we all played baseball.  I chose to play baseball- as opposed to volleyball- because I wore “falsies” and they would fall out when I played volleyball. So I wanted to avoid that.

One weekend I brought my boyfriend Don out to have a fun weekend. He was an actor and a writer and Irish Catholic. He had been to several writers colonies, which were pretty focused, but I’d go to see him there. So I figured it would be fun to have him out to East Hampton.

He had a car and drove us out there. Usually I wold drive myself, but when I was with Don he preferred to drive. I was a good driver but this was back when female drivers were thought of as…well, not good drivers I suppose.

So Friday night we had a dinner party in our house. I shared a house with my friends Brin, Margaret, Wayne, Mike and whole slew of people. It was a 4 bedroom house and we packed us in to those, plus we had a porch a couple could sleep on. We shared expenses and alternated weekends so it was really affordable.

Don lived and worked as a super in Greenwich Village.He found out about the Sullivanian’s from a group of friends he had in the city. Many of these friends of his went to the same therapist he did and apparently his therapist spread some rumors about the Sullivainian’s. Mostly the same rumours everyone else spread which were that they were a cult and had group sex and stuff. It was envy, more than anything else and people felt a need to paint a terrible picture of people learning to live a free and independent life.  This is how people become Yentas.

So I didn’t know that Don even knew about the Sullivanian’s when I took him to East Hampton. And Don made a mistake and sat next to a woman at the party that was  a little nuts. Not only did she was a Sullivanian, but she said I was and so was everyone else at the party!

Next thing I know, Don stood up, walked out the door and drove home. That was it. No discussion. Nothing.

After a couple of therapy sessions and some thinking I called him. Even though he was very judgmental I felt like there was something there. We started to see each other off and on for 3 months. It was friendly and very slow….

I’m very independent and so is my thinking. Im open minded and this was something Don needed to learn about me, and he did. Good thing because I married him.






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