Doctors are Not Gods

There was a doctor that my family used in Bayside. He always looked like a doctor. He wore a lot of tan linen in the summer. So I was 16 and was getting pains in my stomach. We went to this doctor and he came in to examine me. My mother left the room. Right out of the gate he says, “Have you been having very hard sex?” I was a virgin. I said no but inside i was going “What!??”

In my 20’s my first husband and I were on a road trip to Texas. I had to go to the bathroom and he would never pull over for me to do so. The same pains came. When we got there I was in agony and he finally called an ambulance. Well, it was my appendix. It was a very close call. Those doctors saved my life. Mr. Linen not so much.

My family looked at doctors like they were Gods, so they never doubted any of them. But when my appendix almost burst because the doctor in linen thought I was having rough sex instead of an inflamed appendix, it opened my eyes a little.

Now almost 80 years old, here I am dealing with more doctors than I’ve ever known. Recently I was having migraines and my doctor prescribed BUTALB-ACETEMIN-CAFF. So I started taking it and found my migraines were gone but so was part of my brain! Suddenly my memory was really having problems. I would be working (yes i still work). I sell real estate and of course design architecture for apartments. Retirement is not my middle name.  So I took a client to an Open House in an apartment I hadn’t remembered seeing before! Well the broker hosting the Open House remembered me. That’s when I realized my brain was being effected. Thanks a lot doc!

So I called the doctor and asked him about the memory loss. I told him he mentioned I shouldn’t take too much if the BUTALB-ACETEMIN-CAFF or my memory would go to “moosh”. Well he denied ever having said that. Trust me , he did. My problem isn’t changing history. Its memory and very soon my problem  will be finding a new neurologist.



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