My Brief Romance with Alcohol

I started drinking when I was in college and there were ski weekends we went on. One day I woke up with a hangover at a vacation place that had horses. We decided to go horseback riding and I was thrown in to a big mud puddle.

Another time, my brother was being honored at one of those round table men things in the Hampton’s. I couldn’t stand being there so I got drunk and climbed under the table to escape. My nieces had to coax me out with food.

Another time I was drunk was at my cousins sons Bar Mitzvah. I showed up in the same dress as my sister-in-law AND my cousin! It was a nightmare. So I got drunk on ginger-ale and rum.

Once i rented a horse and it was very hungry. As we went along the house would take long weeds and pull them. One time he tripped on the weed and threw me off of him. I gave up on horses after that.  They named that horse Judy after that.

So now I don’t drink because of acid reflux and migraines. I don’t miss alcohol at all becauseIm crazy anyway, I don’t need any help in that department. Drinking worked for me when I was more insecure.



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