My Trump Dump

There  are  a couple of reasons I’ve been hesitant to write about Trump. I’m a left-wing liberal and great fan of Bernie Sanders. In this election there were too many unknowns, and in the end the only person I felt confident in was Hillary.  And the second reason is because I’m in real estate. During the election brokers were inundated by the press for comment and to be honest, when I’m selling real estate that’s what I’m focused on. I’m not interested in giving Trump any more press than he already has.

Before the election even began, a guy that lived in my building ended up being super rich and managed the Intrepid which is docked on the West Side of Manhattan. He had a big party and invited me, but he also invited Hillary Clinton. Lucky me. She spoke for a bit – not too much – just the right amount. I felt very connected with her. I felt as though she could be a friend of mine and that her politics matched mine. She was in a pantsuit, of course, which is great! She spoke like an Upper West Sider. She wasn’t pushing her story at all, she was talking about NYC politics at the time. She was relaxed and on point. I was so happy to see her and so happy to be at that party. Sadly about a year after that party,  the man in my building was taking bribes, so he had to move out. He moved to a much small residence behind bars.

The most surprising thing about Donald Trump to me is his desire to decimate people who don’t agree with him. He ruins people reputations, he fires them, he makes fun of them, its endless.  He’s sort of like when you have a foot fungus and you can’t get rid of it. He lingers and the only way I think they will get rid of him is to fire him. There’s really no easy or graceful way out. Rip off that toe!

At least he’s consistent, I’ll give him that. Even before this Presidency he was the same way in NYC real estate. He built a slew of box like apartments on the Hudson River that overpopulated the Upper West Side and blocked the views of everyone who lived in a block of city housing next to Lincoln Center. He pushed out existing public schools to accommodate the children in all of the buildings. People fought against him, but they lost. Everyone looses when Trump wants something. He always gets what he wants. It’s frightening. And now that’s he’s the puppet master of American politics, who knows whats around the corner.

I was binge watching CNN yesterday because my back hurt. The more I watched the more my back hurt. Trumps ego is commanding becasue he’s so rich. I feel bad for the Republicans who are intelligent and smart. They are probably Republican because their parents were.

When Trump says fake media I think about Hitler who wouldn’t let negative press go out. I wonder if Hitler is one of his idols. Time will tell.

Between you and me, there’s a possibility I’ll get some negative feedback about this post. Especially from people at the office I work at. Up until now the most any of them know is I was a bit of a hippie back in the 60’s. But truthfully I’m a left-wing liberal. I’m a feminist. I’m a survivor. I’m a New Yorker. To me there is no advantage to not telling my views. It’s dishonest. To to be honest, now that you’re reading my blog you’re just like me!